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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : Is the above itinerary Fixed ?

Ans : Though our sincere efforts is to adhere to the designed schedule there may be changes only in  case of natural calamities, unforeseen riots en route, delay in getting permission or any other unavoidable circumstances there might be changes in the itinerary which will be informed to you well in advance.

Q : What type Vehicle is recommended? 

Ans : We recommend vehicles which can withstand all type of terrains preferably SUV’s and less driven with good condition and well serviced before the travel. You may also need to carry few of the essential spares required in case of vehicle breakdown.

Q : Will you arrange vehicle for participants?

 Ans : Yes. We will provide vehicle for participants at additional cost and has to be maintained by themselves.

Q : Can we go on Two wheelers?

 Ans : Yes. Provided the vehicle should withstand 600 kms coverage in a day with average speed of  80kph. The two wheeler needs to be in very good condition and well serviced before the travel date. You may have to  carry  necessary spares. ( Additional requirements will be communicated later).

Q : Will vegetarian meals be available en route?

 Ans : Though some of the countries does not provide pure vegetarian food, we will also be carrying some meal options with us only case of emergencies. Most of the countries provide Veg and Non veg in the same restaurant/Hotels. In Case of Non Availability of Veg Food for pure  vegetarian Travelers, Rice, Rasam, Puliogare, Lemon Rice, Tomato Rice and Curds made available provided prior intimation before the departure.

Q : Will you provide medical assistance in case of emergencies?

Ans : We will be able to provide basic medical supplies and First aid. You must carry any prescribed medications that you take with you in abundance as those may not be readily available in these countries.

Q : Will you assist us to procure all documents?

Ans : Yes. We will help you to get all the relevant documents like Visa, Carnet de passage , permits and permission required for driving across multiple borders. You will also be briefed about rules and regulations applicable in all the countries.

Q : What driving experience do I need?

Ans : As far as you have international driving license and comfortable with long and continuous driving,  you  are welcome to join the expedition. However you should be able to adjust to left hand driving since few of the countries follow left hand drive and should be able to drive at least 600 kms per day.

Q : What is the average group size?

Ans : We would like to  limit the group size between 15 to 20 participants.

Q : Will fuel be readily available?

Ans : Yes. Vehicle Fuel will be available through out the expedition.

Q : What about vehicle breakdown and other maintenance?

Ans : We will be able to assist in case of any minor repairs. In case of any major repairs local assistance might have to be taken.

Q : Will you make separate groups for motorcycle and cars?

Ans : Yes, we will make separate groups if we had more than 10 participants in each category

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